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Created 05/13/2009 23:03:40 | Last change 08/26/2015 23:53:37
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Need proper contactssmileysmiley
02/18/2014 21:18:09
How do become a brother I want to become associated i want to have my brother s. behind tired of the se fucking Jews an niggers always Runin over me an takin advangte of me plz help justin ott rabun ga Justin ott @facebook.con
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my white children are pure and i will NEVER allow any other race to infiltrate my Aryan heritage. Hate is a small word for the feeling I get and im sure a lot of my brothers get when confronted with these Jew , Black- filthy ,substandard animals that call themselves human- ALL NON ARYANS MAKE ME SICK- I CAN ONLY PONDER ON HOW TO KEEP MY FAMILY PURE>- We ARE NOT OUTNUMBERED FOR EVERY ONE OF US ARYANS - IT TAKES MANY MANY substandard NON ARYANS TO EQUAL ONE OF US- WE ARE ADVANCED PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY_ ARYAN
07/19/2015 23:05:10
I have a question. Why does the Aryan Brotherhood hate black people? What is the benefit? I understand one thing about your mission. To keep your race pure. Without your purity your race will no longer exist, as well will mine. I am a dark skinned black man. There are becoming less and less of people like me. If people of different races continue to reproduce my race, as well will yours, will no longer exist. The only thing that is guaranteed is that it will eventually happen. It won't be within my lifetime or yours, but it will. Why waste time with teaching your people hatred instead of loving themselves? It seems conterproductive to me, as does black people hating Nazis. There is nothing wrong with loving your race, and disliking the actions of people who portray it in a negative light. Every time I see a person of color on television that makes black people look ignorant to anything, it makes my stomach hurt. The one thing I don't understand is blaming your problems or misfortunes on a group in general. Black people, in general are not more likely to go to jail, more likely to commit murder, more likely to go to college. It is a economic social geographical construct. Poor people are more likely to have children at a younger age. That is the bottom line. The more money that your parents make, the more likely they are to put your children on birth control, hence the less likely they are to have children before they are 28, and have a stable job, graduate college, or start their own business. The percentages of poor blacks or whites are irrelevant. If you have 100 white drug dealers in jail, and 100 black drug dealers in jail, the percentage is irrelevant. The bottom line is that people make bad decisions, and all races are becoming extinct. No one seems to realize it. Being a racist isn't the answer to your problem. My father taught me the same thing. To hate white people... well not exactly the same thing, but relative. Extermination is not the answer, you are out numbered by far. The o
Sieg heil to all my brothers heil Hitler hail the gods an goddesses
The Aryan Brotherhood, or sissies, as I like to call them, are a bunch of cowards who will never be anything more than white trash assholes. Fuck the Aryan Brotherhood. By the way, I'm alive, bitches.
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