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Created 05/13/2009 23:03:40 | Last change 10/25/2014 13:36:04
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Hi-Tech Stolen Military weapons stolen and sold and bought on the internet.
Bought by a black doctor and his white girlfriend, who own a house at 2880 Cedar Ridge Dr. Reno, NV 89523. His name can be looked up on the Washoe County property tax site, on the internet.
Two very Hi-Tech weapons were bought, probably by a credit card, or a check, or maybe pay pal, or some other form of internet payment.
Weapon #1 is a laser sound weapon, which projects ultra sound or infrasound, of different (hz), in either a wide focus (beam) or narrower focus sound wave. These sound waves go through solid objects like cars, houses, buildings, etc., and reaches and has effects on the human body. And to top this off, there is no sound that the human ears can pick up. It is completely silent. In the narrower focus, it causes severe pain in either the ears, or different parts of the human body. As you can find on the internet, on medical pages, different sound hz’s affect different parts of the body. There are sound hz’s for, the human bones, eyes, brain, nerves, soft tissue, liver, kidneys, etc. I have not seen this weapon, but I know it can be used in a car. It is not the size of a tank. Law enforcement is worried about green lasers bringing down airliners, but they have yet to publicly talk about these stolen military sound lasers. Although in CA, they are bringing two soldiers up on charges of stealing such weapons, and selling them on the internet. The FBI is in charge of this in the Sacramento office.
Weapon #2 is a high-powered, thermo-imaging scope with extreme accuracy. Unlike a bullet, the sound laser wave beam, doesn’t drop off, no matter the distance. This thermo imaging scope is unlike anything you have seen on the internet, or airport scanners. This scope see’s details like the big toe of a foot, and your rib cage, eyes, head, hands, knees, thighs. I have not seen this either, but I do know it is so Hi-Tech, that it is unbelievable impressive.
aclu is any group standing up to them? prayer literally being taken away every year by this group. Instead of hating colors can anybody take a stand against them? Im wondering when this stops? The majority of community wants prayer before a game and one group is able to stop it from several states away over the threat of a law suit? Im over it but don't know what to do can u give advice? in Jesus name amen!
more info on the Brother hood? no link to re-ply to
talk later....
09/01/2014 22:57:44
L'examen de la timberland pas cher
it the 'lessyies' need ncic
Or visit this link or this one